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AHAM has more than 140 members and is the sole trade association representing home appliance manufacturers covering the categories of major appliances, portable appliances, floor care products and suppliers to the industry.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers is the sole trade association representing home appliance manufacturers covering the categories of major appliances, portable appliances, floor care products and suppliers to the industry.

AHAM has four operating divisions: The Supplier Division represents manufacturers of components, materials and services that are used by the OEM manufacturers within the Portable, Floor Care and Major Appliance Divisions. The Floor Care Division represents manufacturers of electrical floor care appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, carpet shampoo and extractors and central vacuum cleaners. The Portable Appliance Division represents manufacturers of appliances, such as kitchen electrics, beverage, home comfort (room air cleaners, humidifiers, heaters and fans), and personal care appliances. The Major Appliance Division represents those manufacturers of large home appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, laundry, home comfort, cooking, and kitchen clean up appliances such as dishwashers, disposers, and compactors and several other categories.

The Supplier Division Board of Directors, on which every company is represented, meets once per year in person, in conjunction with AHAM’s annual member meeting. Suppliers may sit in on Major, Portable and Floor Care Division Board of Directors meetings, gaining valuable intelligence on top industry issues.

Supplier Division members gain access to Major Appliance Industry Trends including background on AHAM’s factory shipment data program, Shipment Trends and Forecasts, Dollar Value, and Product Characteristics. 

Supplier Division members gain valuable insights by subscribing to the monthly AHAM Factory Shipment Report.  This report is available at a discounted rate for Supplier Division members.  

Supplier Division members are invited to participate in AHAM’s Supplier Networking Reception held during AHAM’s Fall Tech Week. This event provides Supplier members exposure to many of the technical staff from our Major, Floor Care and Portable Appliance Division member companies. This is the appliance industry’s premier networking event. 

Supplier Division members are able to attend AHAM’s Annual Meeting.  The 2018 annual meeting will be held April 20-21, in Litchfield Park, Arizona. This 2 day meeting offers industry insights from experts and thought leaders that are influential to the appliance industry. 

AHAM is the authority on home electrical appliances, authoring and maintaining performance testing standards for most home appliances. Membership provides companies a seat at the table where these standards written and revised. Supplier expertise is often required as manufacturer make decision about the future of product design. 

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What do AHAM members have to say? 

“AHAM engagement is one of the best ways a supplier can develop relationships within the appliance manufacturing industry.  Data availability,  access to industry contacts and staying up to date with most current issue that manufacturers care about are some of the key benefits that Eastman was able to achieve even within the first year of the membership. I would highly recommend AHAM membership to anyone who is looking to broaden their engagement and awareness within the appliance industry in a short amount of time.”

Alex Dudal, Market Development Manager, Eastman Chemical Company.

Questions about membership? Contact Natalie Cheung, Membership and Marketing Manager, at 202.872.5955 x325 or