Range Tipping Safety

AHAM urges parents to supervise children when they are in the kitchen and teach them to safely use the kitchen range. Free-standing kitchen ranges and improperly installed built-in ranges can tilt forward and cause serious injury or death if weight is applied to an open oven door.

The risk of range tipping can be reduced through the installation of an anti-tip device, which is included with all new ranges. The devices secure the range to the floor, wall or cabinet to help prevent it from tipping. The device must be reengaged if the range is moved.

While range tipping accidents can happen to anyone, small children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Oven doors should never be used for support.

Consult your range’s safety manual for instructions on how to check your range for proper installation of the anti-tip device.

Get copies of AHAM’s safety brochure, “Do Your PART: Protect Against Range Tipping.”