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Extended Producer Responsibility

Many states are considering legislation that would require manufacturers of electronics products to be responsible for the end-of-life collection and disposal of their products.  This legislation is based, in part, on the European WEEE initiative and involves consideration of fees paid by consumers and producers.  AHAM monitors this legislation and is active representing the industry before state legislatures and executive agencies in many states.  You may view a state-by-state E-Waste Matrix that describes legislative initiatives in these different states. 

CalRecycle EPR Rulemaking

As an update on California’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) efforts, CalRecycle – part of the California Air Resources Board – began efforts to examine reducing greenhouse gas emissions using an EPR approach. CalRecycle’s first step in the process was to finalize a list of products that would be the focus of regulations intended to reduce GHGs; starting to craft a rule for the products would immediately follow.

Please find the CalRecycle's Selection Process for the List of Priority Products below.  Note also the following AHAM products that appear on the scoping order list: Refrigerators / freezers, clothes washers, and vacuum cleaners.

CalRecycle has now begun a rulemaking for carpet EPR. AHAM has been advised that the agency would like to continue researching home appliance products, with a view toward initiating that rulemaking on or about May 2012. In the meantime, AHAM will continue to monitor this proceeding.

List of Priority Products

Beck Weston Study

In 2005, AHAM conducted extensive research into recycling of appliances.  The research was conducted by R.W. Beck & Weston Associates.  The research was split into two main parts:  Major Appliances and Portable/Floor Care Appliances.  Click here to review these study reports.