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Federal Agencies


AHAM advocates before federal regulatory agencies on a number of issues including minimum energy efficiency standards for appliances, product labeling requirements, the ENERGY STAR program, consumer product safety, and other issues of relevance

Department of Energy (DOE)
DOE is responsible for setting mandatory energy efficiency regulations on appliances.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPA’s mandate includes many environmental issues that affect the appliance industry, including the study of climate change.


ENERGY STAR is a voluntary initiative that promotes the sale of energy efficient appliances.  The program, run by DOE and the EPA, maintains efficiency specifications which are updated on a regular basis. 

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
The CPSC governs products safety for appliances and goods sold in the U.S.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
The FTC is responsible for appliance energy usage labeling through the EnergyGuide label.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
The FCC’s mandate includes limitations on the emissions from certain electronics products, and has considered  mandate limitations on microwave oven products.