Four Consumer Segments Define the Pathway to Connectivity

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 21, 2018) — The Association for Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) today released a new commissioned research report, Pathways to Connectivity - Consumer Acceptance of Connected Appliances. The research, conducted by DIG insights, brings the latest in consumer attitudes towards connected home appliances, including the pathway to connected appliances, their perceived benefits and manufacturers’ roles in consumer knowledge. This research was first presented at AHAM's Connectivity Summit two weeks ago in San Francisco, CA.

The research identifies four primary consumer segments defined by their mindset towards connected appliance ownership – consumers who are All In, Almost There, Could Take it or Leave it and Not in My Lifetime. About 70% of consumers fall into the middle two groups, meaning they are close to purchasing a connected appliance or wouldn’t mind having one. The other two groups defined by the study are on opposite ends of the spectrum, consumers who consider themselves all-in on connected appliances or who have no interest in them, comprise the remaining 30%. AHAM’s research provides both quantitative and qualitative insight into the attitudes towards connected appliances of all four types of consumers.

Three key pathways to purchasing a connected appliance are identified in the study. Consumers on the Gateway Product path purchase a connected appliance to build out their smart home. Those on the Intrigue path seek a specific connected appliance for a specific perceived benefit. The Unintentional path is taken by consumers who just happen to purchase a connected appliance. The research provides detailed information on all three pathways, including data on initial connected-appliance purchases, smart feature use and experience, and the relationship between connected products and connected appliance ownership.

The report also contains insight into what features resonate with consumers, attitudes on privacy, purchase barriers and more. In addition to product level detail, the reports also provide videos from consumers and responses written in their own words. A presentation of the study’s findings, given by Kevin Hare, Vice President of DIG insights, is available separately. For more information on pre-purchasing the detailed research, click here. To purchase the webinar and executive summary slide deck, click here.

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