Operate refrigerator in room warmer than 60° 

Food may not remain fresh in an automatic defrost refrigerator/freezer or freezer placed in a room cooler than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Refrigerators and freezers with automatic defrost systems are sensitive to the temperature of the air surrounding them. As the air temperature rises, the refrigerator's compressor wastes energy by running more than necessary to maintain the storage temperature. When room air temperatures fall, the compressor may not run often enough to maintain a cold enough interior to store food safely.

As room temperature becomes colder and falls below 38 degrees, the refrigerator's compressor may not run at all. The freezer compartment temperature will increase to match the room's air temperature, and the frozen food will thaw.

Unless specifically designed to operate in low surrounding temperatures, refrigerators and freezers should not be placed in unheated locations such as garages or porches, where air temperatures are likely to fall below 60 degrees.

Check the manufacturer's Use and Care manual for the lowest surrounding temperatures in which your specific unit will provide safe storage of food.  If you expect the temperature to fall below 60°F, empty the freezer section of the refrigerator to prevent the food from defrosting and spoiling. Consider emptying out the entire unit, turning it off, and, if you plan to be away for a long time, propping the door open.* Keeping the door open will prevent mold and odor.

While manual defrost freezers can generally be operated in an unheated garage or porch without affecting the unit or frozen food, check your Use and Care manual to determine whether your unit requires special care.

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