Andy Chinmulgund 

CEO, Bruviti


Andy Chinmulgund is CEO of Bruviti, an IoT applications company he cofounded in 2012. With a focus on AI/ML, Bruviti has built Digital Twin and Predictive Analytics applications for support and service team automation for machinery and equipment manufacturers. Bruviti’s AI/ML based IoT applications are deployed with leading industrial manufacturing companies.

Andy is a successful Serial entrepreneur with 23+ years of experience in building & managing Silicon Valley companies. He has comprehensive understanding of engineering technologies and business sensibilities. Andy has cofounded, managed, grown and achieved Multiple X exits for two companies with cross functional teams of 100+ employees. His previous successful venture, Kenati Technologies, a Home Networking software company was acquired by 2Wire and where he was intrinsic to the growth of 2Wire to $800M+in revenue, 100M+ installed base and 20M+ managed Gateways with Tier 1 service providers across the globe. 

Andy has extensive technical, product management and business development experience in building applications and technologies from AI/ML, IoT Analytics, Enterprise Cloud and Embedded software. He has developed solutions for Industrial IoT, Edge Computing, Connected Home and Broadband Networking and Enterprise Software.

Previously, Andy has been an integral part of engineering, business and strategy teams at 2Wire, ADC Telecommunications and Ericsson. He holds 2 patents on network routing. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.