A New Tempo: Session Highlights


Annual Meeting Kickoff

In our kickoff session, tap into the experience of a business leader who has spent his career on the edge of innovation. Chance Wales, Amazon’s general manager, home improvement , will join AHAM President & CEO Kelly Mariotti for a special session on how to create a game-changing culture through speed, agility and a new digital consumer experience.

Industry Trends

AHAM’s data presentation provides viewers with an annual snapshot of the appliance industry, including annual industry trends and forecasts. The presentation also delves into product specific features, depicting what is trending in the market today. Recognized as being the credible source for appliance industry data, this presentation showcases insights from the AHAM Data Program.   

The C-Suite Beat: A Panel Discussion

How do industry CEOs motivate their teams and keep their companies on track in unpredictable times? Get exclusive insights from the leaders of some of the world’s most prominent appliance manufacturers in this session, moderated by AHAM President and CEO Kelly Mariotti.  

Business Leadership Breakfast Breakfast & Keynote with Keybridge 

Strategy, data, the future and breakfast are all on the menu to start the second day of A New Tempo. AHAM President and CEO Kelly Mariotti will present the State of the Association Address, followed by the keynote address from Robert Wescott, founder and president of economic research firm Keybridge. Wescott will provide his assessment of appliance industry data points and policy developments that may affect the business climate for appliance manufacturers in the years ahead. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Pulling Back the Regulatory Curtain

In this high-stakes regulatory environment, it pays to be proactive. But what are the best ways for companies to become part of the regulatory process? This panel will provide inside views on the most effective advocacy, including leveraging different branches of government, from regulatory leaders who have worked at the highest levels. Led by Susan Dudley of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center, panelists will use real appliance regulations to explore how the home appliance industry can engage with and critique DOE's analysis and influence regulatory outcomes.

The Sustainability Imperative

Jordan Bar Am and Steve Noble, leaders of consumer sustainability efforts for McKinsey & Company, will illuminate how leading consumer brands are confronting and leading on sustainability in the face of mounting pressures from consumers, investors, channel partners and regulators. Learn the latest trends in consumer spending on sustainable products and learn what best-in-class players are doing to capture that spending. The session will wrap up with a facilitated panel discussion on how companies can approach sustainability to comply, differentiate and collaborate.

IRHMA Global Policy Roundtable

AHAM is proud to host a meeting of the International Roundtable of Household Manufacturing Associations (IHRMA) at A New Tempo. Delegations from the Korean and European home appliance associations will participate in a roundtable focused on top policy and technology issues around the globe.

Canada Council Meeting

Several provincial governments have extended producer responsibility (EPR) policies, making producers physically and financially responsible for recycling appliances, electronics, batteries, printed paper and packaging and other materials, depending on the policy. This session will focus on major, portable, floor care appliance and electronics EPR programs across Canada and what they mean for companies doing business in Canada. 
Michael Zarbl, Executive Director of Major Appliance Recycling Roundtable (MARR) in British Columbia and Cliff Hacking, President and CEO, Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) will speak at this meeting.

AHAM Joint Government Relations Council Meeting

Updates and discussion on the top U.S. policy issues on AHAM’s agenda.