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AHAM Announces Support for a National Air Cleaner Energy Conservation Standard

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 19, 2022) 
–  The Association of Home Appliance manufacturers issued the following statement in support of S. 5258, to establish a national energy conservation standard for room air cleaners:

“AHAM strongly supports a national energy conservation standard for room air cleaners, and we are grateful to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for introducing S. 5258, which would establish that standard. This bill gives the Senate a unique opportunity to take an important step forward on both energy and health. Air cleaner manufacturers are currently facing the challenge of complying with multiple, differing state standards. Without a national standard, manufacturers may be forced to remove many models from shelves in states that have established their own standards. This likely will hurt lower-income consumers the most. A national standard will result in broader energy savings and give manufacturers the certainty they need to keep a wide variety of air cleaners available. The three years of the pandemic and the recent surge in flu and other infections are stark reminders of the need to continue treating indoor air quality as a health issue. We urge senators to ‘clear the air,’ pass S. 5258 and keep clean air accessible and affordable for homes, schools and offices.”


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