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AHAM Certification Programs
AHAM Certification Programs are an integral part of the services AHAM offers to manufacturing companies based in the United States and Canada as well as abroad, depending on the program. Both members and non-members of AHAM may participate in AHAM Certification Programs. As with the AHAM Verification Programs, participation in the Certification Program is voluntary. The Certification Programs require specific initial test methods be followed to determine the ratings that are published in the directory, and provide practical and uniform verification testing to determine that the certified values and certain performance criteria reported on each product are reliable for consumers. AHAM uses independent laboratories to perform the testing.

Since AHAM is recognized by the EPA as an Administrative Body approved to administer verification testing for purposes of the ENERGY STAR program, products in the AHAM Certification Program that are within the United States and ENERGY STAR qualified are tested for meeting ENERGY STAR standards as well. Products may be selected at any time for verification testing, ensuring the product’s energy consumption rating is consistent with the measured energy consumption.

How the Program Works
Voluntary participation in AHAM Certification Programs is independent of AHAM membership. AHAM’s Air Cleaner Certification Program is open to any manufacturer that distributes appliances in the United States, Canada and beyond. The program provides a uniform and commercially practical verification of manufacturers' certified Clean Air Delivery Rate (“CADR”) for tobacco smoke, dust and pollen. The claimed room size is based on the smoke CADR.

AHAM’s Residential Kitchen Range Hood Certification Program provides a uniform, comparable, impartial and commercially practical certification and verification of manufacturers' CFM and sound in accordance with HVI 920 - 2015, HVI Product Performance Certification Procedure including verification and challenge. The program is approved for the CEC Title 24 kitchen range hood requirements.

Each manufacturer submits certified values to the independent testing laboratory for incorporation into a directory of certified products. Those directories can be found by visiting the links below. AHAM’s program specific procedural guides are also available by following the links below. The procedural guides provide detailed information on the specific certification programs and how they operate.

AHAM Procedural Guides for each program are available by following the links below. 

AHAM Air Cleaner Certification 
           - Air Cleaner Certification Program Procedural Guide
           - Guidance for Air Cleaner Marketing Claims of Microbial Reductions and Chemical Reductions

   AHAM uses outside third party ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test labs to conduct the testing.

  • Program Lab
    • Intertek in Cortland, New York, USA
  • Approved Labs - Particles
    • SGS in Michigan, USA & Suzhou, China
    • Intertek in Guangzhou, China
    • UL- RTP in Triangle Park, NC (approved on 4/13 and in a probationary period until 10/13)*
  • Approved Labs – Chemical Gases
    • Intertek in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Approved Labs - Microorganisms
    • Intertek in Columbus, OH
    • Crem Co, ON, Canada

    *During probationary periods used for new labs, AHAM staff monitors the certification submissions and assures they follow all of the proper steps including reference unit testing.    UL-RTP can submit all required certification information for air cleaners in the AHAM Verifide ® air cleaner program under this probationary period.     

Kitchen Range Hood Certification
AHAM uses outside third party ISO/IEC 17025 and 17065 accredited test labs to conduct the testing.

  • Program Lab
    • Intertek in Cortland, New York, USA
  • Approved Lab
    • Riverside Energy Efficiency Laboratory (REEL) in Texas, USA

**Please note that for the above information on third party laboratories used by AHAM, a Program Lab is a laboratory approved to do certification testing and also manages the annual verification testing.  An Alternate Lab is a lab that is approved to do certification testing. 

For information about certification or AHAM Verifide® programs:
Angela Martin 
Program Administrator 
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
Email: [email protected]