AHAM Standards

AHAM, an accredited standards development organization, maintains 25 active performance and sustainability standards covering a full range of home appliances. AHAM performance standards aim to establish common methods of testing home appliances, so as to provide common information on the major performance attributes of the products. AHAM sustainability standards give manufacturers, consumers, retailers and other stakeholders a technically based methodology to assess the relative environmental impacts of home appliances. Here’s the full list of AHAM standards.

Major Appliance Standards - January 2024

Appliance Category

Standards Designation



Clothes Dryers

AHAM HLD -1-2010 (currently under revision)

Clothes Washers

AHAM HLW-2-2020


AHAM DH-1-2017 

AHAM DH-1-2022


AHAM DW-1-2020

AHAM DW-2-2020

Electric Ranges

AHAM ER-1-2017 (Performance)

AHAM ER-2-2022 (Performance - Replaces ER-1-2017)

Oven Volume

AHAM OV-1-2011(R2016)

Food Waste Disposers

AHAM FWD-2-2021


AHAM HRF-1-2019

Room Air Conditioners

AHAM RAC-1-2020

Portable Air Conditioners


AHAM PAC-1-2022

AHAM PAC-1-2023

Trash Compactors

AHAM TC-2-2021

Smart Appliances

AHAM SA-1-2014

Sustainability Standard for Refrigeration Appliances

AHAM 7001.2-2014

Sustainability Standard for Clothes Washers

AHAM 7003-2015

Sustainability Standard for Cooking Appliances

AHAM 7004-2015

Portable Appliance Standards - September 2022

Appliance Category

Standards Designation

Coffee Makers

AHAM CM-1-2017 (R2022)


AHAM HU-1-2016


AHAM I-1- (R2016)

Room Air Cleaners—CADR

AHAM AC-1-2020

Room Air Cleaners—Sound

AHAM AC-2-2006 (R2016)

Room Air Cleaners—Accelerated Loading

AHAM AC-3-2009 (R2016)

Room Air Cleaners--Chemical Reduction AHAM AC-4-2022

Room Air Cleaners--Bioaerosols AHAM AC-5-2022

Room Air Cleaners - Energy Test Method AHAM AC-7-2022

Slow Cookers

AHAM SC-1-2007 (R2016)


AHAM T-1-2016

Sustainability Standard for Portable and Floor Care Appliances

AHAM 7002-2014

Floor Care Appliances - 
September 2020

Appliance Category

Standards Designation

Sustainability Standard for Portable and Floor Care Appliances

AHAM 7002-2014