Homework features AHAM members’ insights on careers, success, life outside of work, and AHAM membership. This month, we spoke with AHAM Board of Directors Chair John Taylor, senior vice president, public affairs and communications, LG Electronics USA, Inc.

Name three goals (personal or professional) you are pursuing in 2018.
1. On the professional side: Take a step back and look at the bigger, strategic play. I love to roll up my sleeves but I need to delegate more, and empower and mentor the next generation.
2. Personally and professionally, try to achieve a better work-life balance. I’m not doing so great on this one so far, but there’s still half a year left!
3. In that regard, focus more on health and family; take some special getaways with my wife, who has been my soul mate since college.

How do you jumpstart your morning?
For my entire career, I’ve jumped out of bed early, eager to embrace the day. Oatmeal and berries, brisk walk, jumbo coffee and peruse four newspapers, usually all before 6 a.m.

Predict an innovation that will revolutionize the next generation.
Innovation is moving at Internet speed. It’s hard enough to predict what home appliance technologies will be hot next year, let alone longer-term. To be sure, our future will be smarter, more connected, more convenient and more secure. So in a word or two, smart connectivity or artificial intelligence.

What is the best career advice you have ever received?
I’ve been blessed with many mentors, including AHAM’s own Joe McGuire and my current boss, William Cho. It kind of sounds like a list of clichés, but here goes: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Respect others’ opinions, especially if they’re opposite of your own. Seek the truth, speak the truth. Listen more than talk. (Those who know me think I’m still working on this one!)

What home appliance can you not live without?
That’s a toss-up between the LG TWINWash, the first to wash two loads at once, or the LG InstaView fridge that allows you to knock on the glass door and see what’s inside without opening the door. We like an organized fridge! Come to think of it, my weekend chores include lots of vacuuming. I’ll try to convince my wife that we should get an LG HOM-BOT smart robotic vac.

What do you gain from your involvement with AHAM?
I’m involved in quite a few trade associations, and I think AHAM is special. It is truly a member-driven organization, blessed with very strong members and great participation. In the marketplace, our members are fierce competitors. Within AHAM, we’re all fierce collaborators. That’s thanks in large part to the terrific and talented staff that keeps us focused on key issues and, together with volunteer leaders, helps drive consensus. I’m especially enthusiastic about AHAM’s new advocacy initiatives focused on grassroots efforts, leveraging the power of our members in congressional districts and state houses across the land.

What is your best advice you have for somebody who wants to succeed in the home appliance industry?
Always keep in mind the incredible positive impact we have on consumers’ lives.

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John Taylor Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications LG Electronics USA, Inc.