Manufacturer Membership Benefits

Membership in AHAM’s Major, Portable and Floor Care Divisions offers appliance manufacturers unique opportunities to gain knowledge, shape critical industry policies and network with people who can help them move their companies forward. 

Here’s a rundown of some of the benefits our manufacturing members receive when they join AHAM:

Access to Industry Data and Trends: AHAM is recognized as the most credible source for appliance industry factory shipment data for major appliances. AHAM produces data highly valued by both the home appliance industry as well as the financial sector and various government agencies. AHAM publishes more than 500 unique data reports that measure trends, product characteristics, and product forecasts. Manufacturing division members may participate in AHAM’s data programs and help shape the reports. 

Meetings Made for Manufacturers: AHAM’s Annual Meeting offers outstanding opportunities for industry-specific professional development and networking, with sessions addressing the home appliance industry’s most pressing technical and policy issues. AHAM Council Days features meetings of AHAM’s Engineering Councils to discuss AHAM’s action on the latest standards and technical issues as well as networking opportunities — including AHAM’s popular Supplier Networking Reception. In addition, AHAM has more than 150 committees dedicated to specific issues in policy and technical issues that meet regularly and as needed throughout the year. 

The Inside Track on Government Policy: Government policy can have a major impact on how your company operates. AHAM’s Policy and Government Relations Team is on the front lines, advocating for the industry on issues like efficiency and safety. AHAM works hard to ensure members stay up-to-date on the latest developments and, when necessary, have the opportunity to make their voices heard on legislative and regulatory proposals. 

A Voice on Appliance Standards: AHAM leads the development of numerous appliance performance testing standards and is an authority and major contributor to efficiency and safety standards development. Members may serve on committees and task forces essential to standards development. 

Shaping Industry Priorities: AHAM’s division meetings give every company a voice as AHAM members come together to plan the association’s priorities and strategy on policy and technical issues. Every AHAM member may send a representative to division meetings. 

Exclusive AHAM Webinars: AHAM maintains a robust schedule of educational webinars, which members may attend at no cost. Recent webinars have covered supply chain issues, factory shipment and industry data trends and product safety and liability principles. 

If you are interested in joining AHAM, contact Natalie Cheung, Membership and Marketing Manager, at 202.872.5955 x325

How do I apply?

What do current AHAM members have to say? 

“One of the most important aspects of AHAM membership is the way AHAM brings companies from across the industry together to ensure we can collectively move in the right direction with respect to improvements in efficiency and other regulatory requirements, without negatively impacting appliance performance. The power of all AHAM member companies collaborating to ensure the right outcome for consumers is incredibly important as we work to improve our products. The comprehensive data and facts AHAM provides to members is critical to ensure we can make informed decisions. This is just one example of many valuable benefits of AHAM membership. ”

Pam Klyn, Senior Vice President Corporate Relations & Sustainability, Whirlpool Corporation

“Home appliances that are innovative and safe are critical to consumers’ daily lives. As the primary appliance industry organization, AHAM serves many roles for members and allows us to have a unified voice to drive priorities, standards and more, to ultimately benefit consumers. AHAM’s strengths are across a number of areas, however, their advocacy in regulatory, legislation and standards brings the strongest value as a member. ”

Deborah Mudway, SVP & General Manager, North America /Health & Wellness Division, Helen of Troy

“AHAM provides appliance manufacturers and component suppliers with a collaborative forum to responsibly create the policies and standards that allow us to produce safe, environmentally conscious and innovative consumer products. AHAM membership has provided immeasurable value to Miele in our ability to communicate with a large variety of stakeholders in government, standards development, consumer and environmental organizations. AHAM staff go through extraordinary steps every day to provide the value of leadership, knowledge and innovation to all AHAM members.”

Steve Polinski, Chief Safety and Regulatory Officer, Miele, Inc.

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