California Assembly Bill 2513 would require a warning label be placed on all gas cooking products. This harmful legislation is grounded in misinformation about the health risks, faulty data and an incomplete approach to protecting consumer health and safety when it comes to indoor air quality. AB 2513 does not provide accurate information about gas cooking and is focused solely on gas cooking, while it is known that all forms of cooking emit pollutants.   By targeting gas cooking products, an incomplete story is told, which is a step backwards for the health and well-being of all California consumers. We must agree to focus this conversation on ventilation regardless of heat source. Californians deserve warning labels grounded in science, not fear. We urge California decision makers to stand against AB 2513 and advocate for transparency and trust in consumer information. 

They’re coming (with labels) for your gas stoves

Politico |06.16.24

the proposals ignore what he said was a bigger risk: the little particles, known as PM 2.5, that come from cooking on both gas and electric stovetops. The industry wants any labels to focus on ventilation.

“Let’s get real about indoor air quality,” Messner said at a bill hearing in California. “If you cook you need to ventilate — electric or gas.”