Connected home appliances will allow consumers to save additional time, conserve energy, integrate the use of renewable energy and pave the way for faster and more accurate repairs. While connected appliances will offer significant value for the consumer, their arrival has also triggered questions among potential buyers regarding privacy, security and interoperability. AHAM member companies are leading the way in bringing connected appliances to customers around the world and are committed to addressing those concerns so that consumers are able to access the full, life-enhancing potential of connected appliances.

AHAM has been a leader in connectivity since its use in appliances was still a concept to ensure the consumer’s voice is heard and represented by AHAM members as new technologies emerge. AHAM’s first Smart Appliance Task Force, formed in 2000, led the development of the AHAM CHA-1 standard, the first that addressed communications elements of connected appliances. AHAM also developed the AHAM SA-1 standard, the most current standard for common commands of connected appliances. AHAM members will continue to innovate and use connectivity to add valuable features to home appliances.

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